Collection 1

Curves & Edges

This collection was inspired by sketches and art work I had created when I started venturing into more abstract and geometric pattern styles. It was an exploration of how to combine shapes and lines to create movement, depth and transparency.

Some of the patterns try to capture motion and flow by combining simple shapes and lines. There is use of different textures and filters to create layers that imitate depth and movement.

Collection 2

Spring Bliss

Spring is a time for bright blooms and warm sunshine,but one can still feel the waft of a fading winter breeze and gentle rain showers. It is this ushering of seasons, the end of one lingering at the beginning of another, that inspired this collection.

In this collection I have used filters and textures to create the impression of rain showers or wet weather on spring days, with bright color pops hinting at warmth.

Collection 3


The vibrancy and versatility of womens activewear was the inspiration for this collection. It allows me to combine my love for abstract art and vibrant colors to create patterns that are vivid and imaginative.

The motifs for these patterns were created in a very simple manner, hand-made textures, jellyfish-like leaves and five petal flowers drawing some ideas from my inspiration board...layering these elements to create an appearance of detailed, abstract and layered patterns.


I am a Kenyan born artist exploring my creativity through surface pattern design. I discovered my love for patterns while living in Holland with my husband and young children. What started out as a hobby grew rapidly into a great desire to create patterns that make any surface they are on beautiful and pleasing.

I have a love for all things natural, colourful, eclectic and I believe the various forms of artistic expression are important in our lives for they have the power to uplift, inspire and beautify. Coming from a continent of rich and diverse cultures fuels my desire to want to create patterns that show a rich fusion of the 'global culture' I feel so fortunate to be a part of. My main inspirations are the Baha'i Faith, my family and the beauty of nature around me.


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